Keeping your lawn healthy

Lawns in most compounds form the larger percentage of the outdoor space. Brilliance of the same depends on how much effort in care goes to it. Several physical factors also contribute to this like shade from structure or trees and even base structure of your lawn area.

The Kenyan modern landscapes are composed mostly of a narrow variety of grass types. Some common ones you might see around in Nairobi for example include; Kikuyu grass(Penisetum clandestinum), zimbabwe grass, Bermuda grass/Cape royal(Cynodon dactylon Princess), Maadi river. All these may prosper in different places depending on local climate etc which we will discuss some other day.Lets look at what will work for your lawn and what wont.


Mow grass whenever it is growing .Consider is about 2 mows a week in rainy season and maybe just once in dry season. Grass needs sunlight. So mowing high helps grass  have a better fighting chance against competing weeds.


This is very beneficial to any plant’s growth. It may not be as necessary in rainy season,but in dry, water regular best late in the afternoon. This reduces chances of water loss via evaporation.Allow the soil to soak up water.


This is food for your grass. Your soil may be rich in it,but if not, adding some would be very wise. Cut pieces of grass left behind after mowing may help in this though most times we sweep them to keep lawns neat. Fertiliser may be applied once or twice a year.

This may be mixed sometimes in your water or directly placed. Commercial fertilisers are available in agrovets nationwide. You can also use chicken or cow  manure if available.Its important though to water after application. This allows for seepage.

Weed out

Weeds compete for nutrients with your grass. Check you keep this at bay. You cant hand pick them or use weed killers if infestation is extreme.

Another factor to keep in check is that your soil depth is about 3 inches minimum for best results. If your base is rocky,consider adding some topping up. Following all these are key to a successful lawn. Try them out! 🙂

A well maintained lawn adds spark to the outdoors
A well maintained lawn adds spark to the outdoors




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