Termite control

Termite control


Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Arthropoda
Class Insecta
Subclass Pterygota
Infraclass Neoptera
Super-order Dictyoptera
Order Blattodea
Infraorder Isoptera


Termites are eusocial insects (insects with a high level of social organization and order). They therefore exist in colonies with division of labour, overlapping adult generations and collective caring of the young ones and each other.

Termites are important because of several reasons

  • As detrivores contributing to decomposition and the nutrient cycles
  • As pests that can cause considerable losses in grains, timber structures, agriculture, forestry and many other materials destruction of an economic nature

The idea of termite control should therefore not be seen as a means of eliminating them from the ecosystem but rather the protection of materials and economic destruction.

How to recognize termites in your home or facility

  • Check for mud tubes especially around the house skirting or on timber
  • Heck for hollowness on timber. Knocking slightly or using a sharp tool can reveal termite damage
  • Differences between termites and ants
Ants Termites
The antennae are bent at an angle of ninety degrees The antennae are straight and parallel to the body
The front wings are longer than the hind wings The wings are roughly equal in length


How to prevent termites from establishing colonies in your home or facility

  • Over all openings and cracks on the foundation or house slab
  • Attend to leaks in time
  • Avoid growing flowers, trees and other plants too close to buildings
  • Avoid storing timber and wood next to the house for too long
  • Avoid rain water from falling too close to the house
  • All construction should be preceded by termite treatment

Treatment control measures

Termites can be controlled by physical, chemical and biological means. The most common methods of control are chemical methods

Some of the popular chemicals used in Kenya come under the following brand names

  • Termidor,
  • Premise,
  • Dragnet and
  • Gladiator



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