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spiders control in and around the home

Though some spiders are known as being quite fatal, they too have some benefits. For example, spiders help in the control of insects in our homes by feeding on them. This does not mean spiders should be wholly tolerated. Many people tend to mistake spiders with insects, which is not correct, several things distinguishes them.First,spiders have eight legs whereas insects have six,spiders also are segmented into two body parts whereas insects are segmented into three among other slight differences.

Several methods can be undertaken for control of spiders.                

                     I  through barring entry of spiders

It’s always said prevention is better than cure. Therefore prevention of spiders from getting into your home is key in control of  spiders.This can be achieved through sealing all the cracks and crevices through which the spiders can enter your house. Doors and windows should be regularly inspected so as to ensure there are no holes or openings for entry of spiders. Gaps below the doors and windows should also be checked and sealed

                    II.            Through observing sanitation

Spiders are prone of taking shelter in stuff that are rarely moved in homes. So as to get away with such haborages, one should remove any trash, unused cottons and all other unused items.Regular sweeping and dusting should also be frequently done, not forgetting removal of cob webs.                             

               III.       the use of non-chemical method

This can be done through the manual removal of spider eggs. To achieve this one should use either gloves or a piece of cloth then pick the spider web and its eggs and discard it. A vacuum cleaner can also be used to destroy the web and egg. Use of sticky insect traps  also is employed where they should be placed in corners and along baseboards so as to get hold of moving spiders                        

                 iv.            Use of chemical control

Chemical spider control can be achieved through the use of residual insecticides. The insecticides should be sprayed on corners and in places where the spiders spin their webs and lay eggs.          

              V.            Control of spiders outdoors

This is done through the removal of spiders that have their harborage on buildings by use of water under very high pressure.

Besides that, there are other general preventive techniques that can be employed:

  • Tree branches that lead into and touch your home should be trimmed. This will help in the elimination of the pathway of pests like spiders’ into your home
  • Regular inspection should be carried out on your doors and windows to check whether there is the existence of cracks or holes. If they are there they should be repaired.
  • Also, its important to keep your compound free of litter, standing water or weeds that may form harborage for pests. People should also ensure that litter bins have tight fitting lids. Regular sweeping should also be done around the dust bins and all the spills and debris removed. This will deny the spiders a source of food.
  • Fourth all the cracks and gaps inside your house should be sealed as they can form a pathway for spiders.
  • Lastly people should always keep their homestead clean, since the cleaner the home is, the lesser will the pests be attracted.