Landscape paving tips

Landscape paving tips

The possibilities in this line are only bound by our imagination and available material. We can look at these paving in terms of space function. The most common spaces for a home landscape for example include, driveway, front yard and backyard. In some homes, you may find patios, gazebos and barbecue corners. All these may use different paving material. Common hardscape surface choices include;

  • Gravel
  • Building stone
  • Pre-cast concrete cabro blocks
  • Brick blocks and ceramic tiles

Gravel paving

Gravel is loved a lot  in landscape paving because of its cheapness and ready availability. The loose finish allows crunch sounds as you walk or drive along this surface. Its however best for short driveways with good drainage, otherwise you’ll end up needing to refill the place up if it keeps sinking. Though usually used for less traffic spaces, a hardy base can allow heavier traffic. A gravel driveway and path Though not common currently in Kenya, there’s combination of technologies that use cell like membranes to increase porousness of this surface and traffic tolerance. A similar technology is used in turf surface design where grass is grown on a membrane.

Stone paving

Building stone is a wonderful landscape paving material for driveways and small walkways. Where done with uniform sized stone, different patterns can be achieved with this  landscape paving. Owing to its vast availability, anyone can use it and is fairly affordable. Common method people go for include placing the stones on the tire paths of vehicles only. For more advance motifs, different shapes and colour of stones may be used. It’s however best to go for the harder stone types. This will ensure durability of your driveway or walkway Pre-cast concrete blocks  

Cobble and cabro landscape  paving blocks are some of the most commonly used precast paving in urban areas. They come in different shapes and colours and usually sold in terms of square meter coverage. Owing to their uniform shape, they can easily be replaced if damaged. Their use varies from simple walkways to whole streets and driveways. Concrete slabs also fall in this category. There are ideal for walkways. They may be permanently set in cement or laid on sand base. In some cases, mixing the slabs with brick may be used for achieving different shapes and colours. They are most ideal for heavy traffic areas, are fairly durable and weather tolerant. You may see a lot of this in urban streets. In some places, these pavers have been used for patios and barbecue areas outdoors.

Brick paving blocks

Brick is one of the oldest material used in building construction. The long use of this material has resulted in even landscape paving solutions using the same. Brick may be used for edging, surface and even seat wall and retaining walls. Due to the reddish colour, it’s a bit earthy and sits well in any landscape. Landscape paving with this material may involve placing option or setting with cement. Though very longlasting when made into tiny pieces, the larger pieces are prone to cracking and breakage on intense use.



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    My dad wanted to have our pavement to look great because it has a lot of cracks and holes. It was explained here that common materials for paving are gravel, bricks, and building stone. Furthermore, it’s recommended to hire professional paving contractors for quality work.

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    I really enjoyed reading this type of blog and content and I really appreciate this information on landscape paving tips. The photo gallery is also great, so thank you for sharing this.

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    Great read *Following

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