Kicking out bedbugs!!

There’s nothing as annoying as biting insects. From mosquitos to bedbugs, we all can’t wait to get rid of them quick. For today, let’s talk about pest control of bedbugs and how you can actually keep them out of your home/ office.

How they spread and thrive?

Where to get bedbugs
Bedbugs hiding under a matresss

Bedbugs have a tendency for the dark corners especially within furniture, storage, clothes and drapes. The most Common Avenue through which they may end up at your place include;

-from public places (buses, trains, lodgings even market places)

-from your kids coming in from boarding school (they may hide in beddings and clothes)

-from neighbors through clothes on lines

-storing damp laundry

-Second hand furniture may harbor some (maybe that’s why the owners ‘disposed’ it in the first place)

In controlling bedbugs, you should be sure to get rid of their eggs too so you don’t have future problem. If ever you have a problem, U.V. light (sunlight) can help get rid of them. Airing out clothes, carpets and drapery can help keep bedbugs at bay. For worst case scenarios;

-call exterminators for chemical fumigation

-though not popular in Kenya yet, steam treatment for bedbugs is applied elsewhere globally

So don’t suffer with bedbugs in silence, now you know!!! 🙂

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