Indoor plants management

Indoor plants management

 For optimum performance, indoor plants must get enough light, sufficient nutrients and be kept at areas with proper temperature and humidity levels. In theory, all plants can grow indoors; the key thing to remember is to ensure that the indoor conditions are as close as possible to the natural growing conditions.

It is difficult to alter indoor conditions to suit all kinds of plants that you would like to have. The most controllable factors therefore are plant placement, hardening, and choice of the plant to grow indoors

Choice of indoor plants

Firstly, understand the condition of your house. If light levels are high, a wider range of flowers can be gown and vice-versa. Plants that can do well in low light levels are rarely colorful. Consult professionals when choosing an exotic plant to grow indoors


Hardening means gradually exposing the plant to the eventual conditions. It may involve exposing the plant to the expected stress element. This could be temperature, light humidity or a combination of these.  In Nairobi for example, palms will be stressed by low temperatures and low humidity. When grown indoors, they will be stressed by low temperatures, low humidity and low light levels.

Hardening a palm plant will involve the following

For low temperature, cover the plant leaves with a gunny or jute bag for a couple of days. This will allow the plant to establish itself and resist the eventual shock of low temperature. Ideally, this should be done after planting.

For low humidity, the gunny or jute bag will keep the humidity around the leaves and allow plant roots to grow. Low light will imply gradual light reduction. Gradual light reduction can be difficult to achieve in a house setting.

Plant placement

As much as possible, place plants to avoid light, temperature and humidity stress. Depending on the natural plant habitat, these factors can stress the plant. For example, while a fern will be stressed by high light conditions, a palm will be stressed by low light conditions.

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