How to control bedbugs infestation

How to control bedbugs


To avoid infestation

New infestation frequently comes from interacting with the infestation. These can be

·         By sleeping elsewhere apart from home

Use of public transport like taxis and buses

After a road trip by, say to Kampala or Kigali or even with the country by bus or taxi , the following actions will keep you safe from bedbugs

·         Unpack in the open or in the laundry room and not in the bedroom, sitting room and any other rooms

·         Change clothes and take them to the laundry room as soon as possible. If this is not practical for you, change clothes, bag them in a polythene bag and keep them away from other clothes

·         Wash them as soon as possible and dry them in the sun

To treat infestation

Call pest control professionals so that the safety of children and other occupants of the home or facility is assured. The pest control professionals understand bedbug behavior and life cycle and will give you appropriate advice

In general, one treatment is unlikely to eliminate an infestation and follow up treatment is required

To reduce bedbug populations

·         Keep the houses and rooms well lit

·         Air the bedding, seat covers, cushions and other laundry in the sun

·         Keep items like beds, sideboards, bookshelves and clothes away from walls and off the ground

·         Regularly clean the surfaces and laundry




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