Home landscaping in Kenya-03 (fountains)

Home landscapes may consist of trees and shrubs, circulation ways, lawns , gazebos , retaining walls, fences , pergolas and sometimes water features. These may be fountains, ponds, bird baths, or water cascades. A water feature helps create animation  in the garden and sometimes attracts birds.

Most water features are mechanical and need a pump.The choice of such will depend on the feature you want and its size. Smaller features would obviously cost cheaper. The help of construction or landscaping expert may help you plan and make this.

Below are some fountain examples a few pieces of what Asepsis can do.

Karen fountain design-Asepsis limited

fountain embakasi landscaping in kenya Fountains Asepsispdf

landscaping in kenya Fountains-mechanical
example of a corner fountain for those small gardens
landscaping in kenya Fountains-mechanical
example of a garden fountain. Jet and pool
miniature fountain
example of miniature fountain



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