Heads up!! The hot season means more pest!

Did you know when its hotter, insect population tends to shoot faster? Studies have shown that scale insects living in hot areas are acclamatised for faster population increase than those in colder areas.

A study by North Carolina State University finds that higher temperatures found in urban environments are a key contributor to higher populations of insect pests

Dont panic, hotter months means more pest
Dont panic, hotter months means more pest

Speaking to a pest and vermin expert Tony Mulwa was able to confirm this.”The January hot season is peak for tropical pests. In the pest control, its more likely we get complaints at this period”.


However, he advises,” early detection will benefit greatly control of this. Self treatment may work most times but expert treatment often than not clears the problem. So don’t panic if you having, this is pest boom season, and is treatable



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