Kikuyu grass for all weather

Kikuyu grass is very popular as a lawn in various habitKIKUYU grassats. Kikuyu grass is readily available and requires very little maintenance and lawn care to remain healthy.Moreso kikuyu grows and repairs rapidly. However kikuyu  requires frequent mowing in comparison to other turf grasses. Mowing needs to be done at least weekly especially during the rainy seasons. kikuyu is also very invasive to the surrounding regions. kikuyu is widely used in sporting and schools. This is due to its first growing nature and ability to repair quickly. Despite of its good qualities, kikuyu grass is also a weed in nature. This is due to its highly invasive nature. It’s commonly known to invade the beds around its surrounding. Kikuyu is very destructive to plants in the surrounding regions in that it creeps over them and covers them. By doing this  it cuts off sunlight availability for the plants. Besides they also invade the rooting systems of plants thereby chocking and killing them. With the availability of greater lawn choices today, kikuyu grass does not stand out to be better except for use in sporting venues and schools. However the male sterile kikuyu grass which is one of its species has outstanding qualities The male sterile kikuyu grass This is a sterile form of kikuyu grass that was bred with an aim of combating all the worst qualities of kikuyu grass. It is not able to produce pollen and anthers therefore it is not able to produce viable seeds on its own .however it may only produce seeds in the case of a kikuyu lawn bordering it or in nearby bed. Under normal circumstances, those interested in lawn establishment are advised not purchase kikuyu grass unless it’s the male sterile kikuyu grass. This grass is commonly used in many sporting fields. As we all know grasses in such fields are prone to intensive wear and tear yet they are needed to repair up quickly to soot the sporting needs. Due to this fact, the male sterile kikuyu grass has come out outstanding due to its ability to repair very quickly. Lawn management and maintenance of male sterile kikuyu grass Management Kikuyu grass is commonly known to have very fast growth rates making them to effectively repair quickly when damaged. However due to its fast growth rate it calls for frequent mowing. This is in order to keep them in control and make them look attractive. It requires more mowing than any other lawn grass. In the case of people who are interested to have the male sterile kikuyu grass for their lawns and are not into the idea of frequent mowing, they can leave the grass to grow for a while till it gets very trim it short. It’s interesting that the grass survives re establishes Maintenance The  male sterile kikuyu tolerates all forms of weed sprays. So one should read the label well to ascertain if it’s safe for use on kikuyu grass. Besides frequent mowing kikuyu  also requires regular uprooting of the runners in the surrounding gardens to prevent invasion. male sterile kikuyu  thrives best in full sunlight. Mowing in shaded regions should then be done to be a bit higher so as to keep the grass in good condition.

  • Proper lawn practices are key to a good looking lawn.

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    Very impressive. Where can I get seeds for a very small lawn

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