Control of Snakes

Snakes are pests. In general people have great fears for snakes and there are many beliefs around snakes. Snakes can be difficult to see in the environment and can go undetected for long periods.

Many methods exist in prevention of snake infestation. These include;

  • Control of rodents
  • Clearing of bushes and grass
  • Covering gaps and holes to prevent entry in houses
  • Keeping predator pets like cats, ducks and other poultry

In Kenya, Chemical control of snakes is available too. This includes the use of a snake bait that is Nicotine based, Going by the name snake fix, the product is excellent for professional pest control.

It is not suitable for use at home or by non-professionals because as a bait, it can attract snakes to you if not kept properly or if gloves are not used.



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  1. hello,

    I’d like to control snakes in an hotel set up in a compound of about 10 hac. its a bit bushy and we’re not planning to clear it. could you give me a quotation

    Kipeo Ventures
    box 27431 Nairobi

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