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Apis Mellifera

Bees are closely relatives to ants and wasp. They play a very important role in the sustenance of life on earth. However, they can also be pests.

Importance of bees

·         The most notable contribution of bees is pollination. Without bees, life would not exist as it is today. Pollination leads to seed production

  • ·         Increasing bio-diversity because of cross pollination
  • ·         As producers of honey
  • ·         As cultural, mythical examples of hard work, diligence and organization  

Bees as pests

Bees can only be considered pests when they endanger the lives of humans, livestock and wildlife. This is only relevant to stinging bees and when they swarm around humans. In general, bees will not sting until disturbed

Life threatening allergies (anaphylaxis)

To some people, bee stings can cause life threatening allergies known as anaphylaxis. This occurs in some people in a population. Again, the reaction could differ depending on the bee species. It is therefore extremely important to eliminate bees from human residences especially if there are young children. This is because the reactions to bee stings may not be known.

Treatment of bee stings

  • Remove the stinger as soon as possible
  • Apply a weak base/alkali such as tooth paste or soap. Bee sting is highly acidic containing melittin
  •   A tetanus injection may be required
  •   For serious reaction, get to a health facility as soon as possible where the doctor may prescribe epinephrine injection

Control of bees

  • Fumigation or spraying with an appropriate insecticide will often control bees. Pest control professionals will prescribe control and preventive measures to discourage re-colonization.
  •   Prevent entry and colonization by entry proofing. Bees will mostly be found in ceilings, chimneys and between panels in a building
  •   Where, pesticides are used, all the honey and honey combs must be disposed of well by the pest control professionals. No trace should be left at the sit
  • Usually, the control of bees is done in the evening and uses smokers. Appropriate PPE must be worn during the activity.




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