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spiders control in and around the home

Though some spiders are known as being quite fatal, they too have some benefits. For example, spiders help in the control of insects in our homes by feeding on them. This does not mean spiders should be wholly tolerated. Many people tend to mistake spiders with insects, which is not correct, several things distinguishes them.First,spiders have eight legs whereas insects have six,spiders also are segmented into two body parts whereas insects are segmented into three among other slight differences.

Several methods can be undertaken for control of spiders.                

                     I  through barring entry of spiders

It’s always said prevention is better than cure. Therefore prevention of spiders from getting into your home is key in control of  spiders.This can be achieved through sealing all the cracks and crevices through which the spiders can enter your house. Doors and windows should be regularly inspected so as to ensure there are no holes or openings for entry of spiders. Gaps below the doors and windows should also be checked and sealed

                    II.            Through observing sanitation

Spiders are prone of taking shelter in stuff that are rarely moved in homes. So as to get away with such haborages, one should remove any trash, unused cottons and all other unused items.Regular sweeping and dusting should also be frequently done, not forgetting removal of cob webs.                             

               III.       the use of non-chemical method

This can be done through the manual removal of spider eggs. To achieve this one should use either gloves or a piece of cloth then pick the spider web and its eggs and discard it. A vacuum cleaner can also be used to destroy the web and egg. Use of sticky insect traps  also is employed where they should be placed in corners and along baseboards so as to get hold of moving spiders                        

                 iv.            Use of chemical control

Chemical spider control can be achieved through the use of residual insecticides. The insecticides should be sprayed on corners and in places where the spiders spin their webs and lay eggs.          

              V.            Control of spiders outdoors

This is done through the removal of spiders that have their harborage on buildings by use of water under very high pressure.

Besides that, there are other general preventive techniques that can be employed:

  • Tree branches that lead into and touch your home should be trimmed. This will help in the elimination of the pathway of pests like spiders’ into your home
  • Regular inspection should be carried out on your doors and windows to check whether there is the existence of cracks or holes. If they are there they should be repaired.
  • Also, its important to keep your compound free of litter, standing water or weeds that may form harborage for pests. People should also ensure that litter bins have tight fitting lids. Regular sweeping should also be done around the dust bins and all the spills and debris removed. This will deny the spiders a source of food.
  • Fourth all the cracks and gaps inside your house should be sealed as they can form a pathway for spiders.
  • Lastly people should always keep their homestead clean, since the cleaner the home is, the lesser will the pests be attracted.



a bee

Bee sting is one of the most painful experiences in our day to day life. It’s even more risky to people who are allergic to bee stings. However one can avoid bee stings by taking several precautions outdoors and proper management of bee nests.                           IDENTIFYING A BEE STING                                                                    Bees are least likely to sting somebody unless provocated stood on or sat on. The most outstanding sign of a bee sting is that bee leaves a stinger inside the skin that contains venomous sac that releases poison continuously for even more than a minute. Once stung by a bee, a reddish color will be seen around the area of the sting. There will also be the formation of a raised welt which which will reduce after some hours. One will also feel an itching sensation which may go on for a couple of days.                                                                STEPS TO TAKE AFTER A BEE STING

  •   First by use of a pair of tweezers one should promptly carefully remove the stinger off the area affected. Removal of the singer should be done carefully so as to avoid squeezing the sting sac as it will end up releasing more poison into the wound.
  • The next step will be cleaning the wound by use clean water and soap. To reduce the swelling the wound can be soaked in water or covering it with ice in a clothing
  • Itching can then be reduced thru applying anti histamine cream around the wound or taking oral anti histamine tablets. If the itching is persistent one should quickly seek the help f a doctor.

SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS ASSOCIATED WITH AN ALLERGIC REACTION AS A RESULT OF BEE STINGS                                                             People with moderate allergy reactions may encounter a common swelling around the wound. If the swelling becomes more severe and persistent one should seek the help of a doctor. However some strange symptoms might be experience especially by people who are allergic to bee stings. If within the first half an hour of the sting the casualty experiences any of the symptoms below, they should be quickly rushed to the nearby hospital so as to avoid complications; The symptoms are:

  • Production of a wheezing sound, chocking or inability to properly breathe
  • Convulsions ‘dizziness or headaches
  • Swelling around the mouth, throat or tongue that may restrict breathing
  • Nausea or stomach cramps
  • Chest pains                                                                                           It should be noted that allergy stings can develop at any time. People stung in two or more occasions in the previous years are most likely to develop allergies as a result of bee stings.Moreso those who suffer from other allergies like dust are at a higher risk of developing sting allergies.                                                              STEPS TO GETTING RID OF BEES                                                       In order to get rid one needs to do several things.
  • First one should ascertain if they are dealing with bees or just any other insect. This is because people tend to mistake other stinging insects like wasps with bees. This should be done with a lot of care.
  • Secondly one should ascertain the type of infestation. For instance they should know if it’s a swarm of bees or if the bees have made a hive.
  • After ascertaining the type of infestation, one should then take an objective of calling a professional to remove the bee hives or the bee swarms. This is because it may be very fatal to remove large amounts of bees by yourself.
  • An image of a bee
    An image of a bee



One of the most painful experiences is being stung by a wasp. It’s even more serious for people who are allergic to stings. However the risks of being stung by wasps can be reduced outdoors through taking precautions and proper management of wasp’s nests. One of the most significant precautions that one can take to minimize wasps’ stings is through destroying of their nests in and around your home


Wasps are one of the most common stinging insects .they are very aggressive and can sting anyone without being provoked or disturbed. Once stung by a wasp a small puncture hole is likely to develop on your skin. The surrounding area of the skin will redden and a swelling welt will appear. This welt will reduce with hours but an itching sensation may continue for some days.

GUIDELINES ON TREATING A WASP STING                                                                                                                                                          

  • First one should remove the stinger promptly and carefully by using a pair of twizzers.This should be done with a lot of care so that the sting sac is not squeezed as this will inject more poison into the wound.
  • One should then wash the wound with soap and water. To reduce the swelling one can either soak the wound in cold water or cover it with a cold compress for instance ice in a cloth.
  • For one to relieve the itching one can apply the anti histamine cream for bites and stings or take an oral anti-histamine tablet. However if the itching is more severe one should seek the doctors attention.


People with moderate allergy reactions are likely to experience general swelling around the wound. However if the swelling is more severe and persistent one should seek the doctors attention. In case of a sting and one experiences strange symptom within the first half an hour of being stung. The casualty should be immediately rushed to the nearby hospital so as to avoid complications. The symptoms are:

  • Wheezing, chocking or inability to properly breathe
  • Convulsions, dizziness or headaches
  • Stomach cramps and nausea
  • Swelling around the mouth, throat or tongue that could constrict breathing

It should be noted that allergy to stings can develop at any time. People stung in two or more occasions in the previous years are more likely to develop allergies as a result of stings.stings. More so those suffering from are other allergies are equally at a higher risk.


Equipment for proper elimination of wasp nests. Some of the nests could be very large underneath and trying to get rid of them by yourself can cause a lot of damage for instance death or even severe allergies. Several methods can be employed to get rid of wasps for instance use of baits, traps ,spraying with homemade mixtures for instance lemon oil and water. Wasps are more active during the day than at night. So night time is the best time of getting rid of them ,this will be advantageous in that the wasps are not overly active and they are least likely to strike back.moreso most of the wasps will be in their nests during the night making the process easier since one needs apply the pesticide  for a second time. Wasp spray is the most commonly used in wasp control .when looking for one ,one should choose one that will instantly knock them down before they realize that their nest is under attack making them to turn to the person spraying them. One should be conversant with the structure of the nests in order to make sure that all openings are sprayed. Repellents may also be used where the wasps have started nest construction. One should wear as much as heavy clothes as possible in order to prevent any exposed skin from stings and also pesticides. One should also wear eye protection gears and gloves.

Kicking out bedbugs!!

There’s nothing as annoying as biting insects. From mosquitos to bedbugs, we all can’t wait to get rid of them quick. For today, let’s talk about pest control of bedbugs and how you can actually keep them out of your home/ office.

How they spread and thrive?

Where to get bedbugs
Bedbugs hiding under a matresss

Bedbugs have a tendency for the dark corners especially within furniture, storage, clothes and drapes. The most Common Avenue through which they may end up at your place include;

-from public places (buses, trains, lodgings even market places)

-from your kids coming in from boarding school (they may hide in beddings and clothes)

-from neighbors through clothes on lines

-storing damp laundry

-Second hand furniture may harbor some (maybe that’s why the owners ‘disposed’ it in the first place)

In controlling bedbugs, you should be sure to get rid of their eggs too so you don’t have future problem. If ever you have a problem, U.V. light (sunlight) can help get rid of them. Airing out clothes, carpets and drapery can help keep bedbugs at bay. For worst case scenarios;

-call exterminators for chemical fumigation

-though not popular in Kenya yet, steam treatment for bedbugs is applied elsewhere globally

So don’t suffer with bedbugs in silence, now you know!!! 🙂

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Indoor plants management

Indoor plants management

 For optimum performance, indoor plants must get enough light, sufficient nutrients and be kept at areas with proper temperature and humidity levels. In theory, all plants can grow indoors; the key thing to remember is to ensure that the indoor conditions are as close as possible to the natural growing conditions.

It is difficult to alter indoor conditions to suit all kinds of plants that you would like to have. The most controllable factors therefore are plant placement, hardening, and choice of the plant to grow indoors

Choice of indoor plants

Firstly, understand the condition of your house. If light levels are high, a wider range of flowers can be gown and vice-versa. Plants that can do well in low light levels are rarely colorful. Consult professionals when choosing an exotic plant to grow indoors


Hardening means gradually exposing the plant to the eventual conditions. It may involve exposing the plant to the expected stress element. This could be temperature, light humidity or a combination of these.  In Nairobi for example, palms will be stressed by low temperatures and low humidity. When grown indoors, they will be stressed by low temperatures, low humidity and low light levels.

Hardening a palm plant will involve the following

For low temperature, cover the plant leaves with a gunny or jute bag for a couple of days. This will allow the plant to establish itself and resist the eventual shock of low temperature. Ideally, this should be done after planting.

For low humidity, the gunny or jute bag will keep the humidity around the leaves and allow plant roots to grow. Low light will imply gradual light reduction. Gradual light reduction can be difficult to achieve in a house setting.

Plant placement

As much as possible, place plants to avoid light, temperature and humidity stress. Depending on the natural plant habitat, these factors can stress the plant. For example, while a fern will be stressed by high light conditions, a palm will be stressed by low light conditions.

Feel free to consult Asepsis Limited for any question relating to plant growing

Heads up!! The hot season means more pest!

Did you know when its hotter, insect population tends to shoot faster? Studies have shown that scale insects living in hot areas are acclamatised for faster population increase than those in colder areas.

A study by North Carolina State University finds that higher temperatures found in urban environments are a key contributor to higher populations of insect pests

Dont panic, hotter months means more pest
Dont panic, hotter months means more pest

Speaking to a pest and vermin expert Tony Mulwa was able to confirm this.”The January hot season is peak for tropical pests. In the pest control, its more likely we get complaints at this period”.


However, he advises,” early detection will benefit greatly control of this. Self treatment may work most times but expert treatment often than not clears the problem. So don’t panic if you having, this is pest boom season, and is treatable

Controlling rodents -rats and mice

Rats and mice are a common problem in all parts of the world.

Identifying rat and mice problem

You will identify rodent problems by their activity and by seeing them. Rodents will chew on items such as clothes,electrical cables and shoes. You will also hear noises on your roof, ceiling and attic. On close examination ,most often you will see their stool.


There are various methods of controlling rats and mice. These include;

  •  Chemical
  •  Mechanical
  •  Biological and
  •  A combination of two or all of them.

Chemical control

The most effective way of controlling rodents is the use of anticoagulant baits. BASF, Bayer, Syngenta and other companies that manufacture pest control products have these types of baits. These can be put in bait stations to protect the baits themselves from the elements of weather and to protect pests. Keeping them out of reach of children is extremely important.

As much as possible, avoid knockdown chemicals such as Zinc Phosphine commonly referred as rat and rat. They do not work as well because rodents soon learn to avoid them. Similarly, they leave the area smelly and are dangerous poisons.

All rodent control products must be used with great caution. Consult licensed pest control professionals for proper assessment and treatment.

For the roof attic and difficult to reach areas, the bait blocks can be thrown in these areas. In general however, proper control of rodents in the compound will eliminate the ones on the roof too because rodents do move around.

Mechanical control

Two types of mechanical control of rodents can be used

1.   a) Entry proofing

By blocking rodent pathways and entry ways rodents can be controlled effectively. Consider this method for drains, ducts, doors, windows and any other entrances that can be used by the rodents. Use of wire nets and ensuring that all windows and doors have no gaps is a good measure. Start by preventing them from entering the compound first if possible and follow up with blocking entrances to stores. For grain stores, poultry houses and other elevated areas, rodent deflectors made of simple sheet metal placed on the supporting posts will effectively prevent rodents from entering.

2.      b)Trapping

Many types of traps exist. The most common are trigger traps, cages and glue traps

Trigger traps

 The trigger traps trip when a rodent walks on them and the quick tripping action hits and traps the rodent. Large rodents have been known to drag these traps to their hideouts.


The cages work by luring the rodents into the enclosure that has a trap door. This means that once the rodent is inside, it cannot be able to leave the cage. The rodent is then allowed to die or starvation or killed by any other means.

Glue traps

Glue traps are place on rodent pathways. They are most effective against mice due to their small size. A rodent bait can be placed on the glue to encourage the rats or mice to walk on the glue. Once trapped, the glue plate has to be discarded. Glue traps can be bought or can be made by smearing rodent glue on cardboard pieces

For all mechanical traps, it is important to inspect the traps regularly to remove the trapped rodents, to replenish the bait, to clean the trap and to reset the trap.

Biological control

For proper biological control, one needs to understand the rodent ecosystem. Rodents are part of a food chain that involves their food and their predators. They also flourish in certain environments. Some of the natural predators to rodents include cats, birds of prey and snakes. If they are absent in the ecosystem, rodent populations can explode. This is common in urban centres. Rodents thrive in environments where they can hide, breed and where there is plenty of food. Eliminating these factors minimizes problems associated with rats, mice and other rodents that are of public health concern.


How to control whiteflies

White flies are among the most difficult pests to control in agriculture, horticulture and gardening. This can be attributed to the following

  •    They are flying insects and can avoid pesticides
  •     They reproduce very quickly
  •      Resistance to may pesticides has been reported in various parts  of   the world
  • They can reproduce in the absence of fertilization


  • ·         Avoid infestation
  • ·         Use systemic products ad rotate between groups
  • ·         Use biological means

Some of the products that are great against white flies include confidor, thunder, Golan, Actara. Unfortunately, they belong to the same group. They should therefore e rotated with other products. We will give more details in due course

Are your water tanks clean enough?

One of the most important resources we have in the environment is water. Access to clean water is one of the most vital things for life. How we store this resource is very critical. Containers should be equally clean for the users safety.

Tanks may accumulate residue like dust and other foreign objects. Surprisingly, items like insects, lizards and sometimes rats may fall into large water tanks in the ceiling or underground ones. This may contaminate your water and eventually affect you health wise.Its important therefore to organise for regular cleaning of such.

Tank cleaning experts,like Asepsis, will advice you on the appropriate solutions for your specific problem. The most important thing is not just the washing part but disinfecting too. Here’s some past work by Asepsis.

Asepsis Kenya limited tank cleaning services (2) Asepsis Kenya limited tank cleaning services (3) Asepsis Kenya limited tank cleaning services (4) Asepsis Kenya limited tank cleaning services (5) Asepsis Kenya limited tank cleaning services (6) Asepsis Kenya limited tank cleaning services

Home landscaping in Kenya-01

Home landscaping is one of the first things you’d consider when making your dream home. Though landscape architecture is fairly new in Kenya, Landscape architect are available and can help you with this. This can happen in stages before construction, during or after depending on various factors and the type of plants.

Most planting arrangements may be done by handpicking and allocation on the site.While others may require landscape plan,detailing and deriving of Bills of quantities before implementation. Heres one proposal for a home landscape in  Nairobi. Here is a plan and computer generated images of the same.

Topiary as an art can be achieved in the landsape
Topiary as an art can be achieved in the landsape
View to the pool.Bougainvillea arch canopy at gate
View to the pool.Bougainvillea arch canopy at gate
Topiary dog and a bird bath mark part of the driveway landscape
Topiary dog and a bird bath mark part of the driveway landscape


Driveway lined with ferns, geraniums and palms
Driveway lined with ferns, geraniums and palms