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Bee sting is one of the most painful experiences in our day to day life. It’s even more risky to people who are allergic to bee stings. However one can avoid bee stings by taking several precautions outdoors and proper management of bee nests.                           IDENTIFYING A BEE STING                                                                    Bees are least likely to sting somebody unless provocated stood on or sat on. The most outstanding sign of a bee sting is that bee leaves a stinger inside the skin that contains venomous sac that releases poison continuously for even more than a minute. Once stung by a bee, a reddish color will be seen around the area of the sting. There will also be the formation of a raised welt which which will reduce after some hours. One will also feel an itching sensation which may go on for a couple of days.                                                                STEPS TO TAKE AFTER A BEE STING

  •   First by use of a pair of tweezers one should promptly carefully remove the stinger off the area affected. Removal of the singer should be done carefully so as to avoid squeezing the sting sac as it will end up releasing more poison into the wound.
  • The next step will be cleaning the wound by use clean water and soap. To reduce the swelling the wound can be soaked in water or covering it with ice in a clothing
  • Itching can then be reduced thru applying anti histamine cream around the wound or taking oral anti histamine tablets. If the itching is persistent one should quickly seek the help f a doctor.

SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS ASSOCIATED WITH AN ALLERGIC REACTION AS A RESULT OF BEE STINGS                                                             People with moderate allergy reactions may encounter a common swelling around the wound. If the swelling becomes more severe and persistent one should seek the help of a doctor. However some strange symptoms might be experience especially by people who are allergic to bee stings. If within the first half an hour of the sting the casualty experiences any of the symptoms below, they should be quickly rushed to the nearby hospital so as to avoid complications; The symptoms are:

  • Production of a wheezing sound, chocking or inability to properly breathe
  • Convulsions ‘dizziness or headaches
  • Swelling around the mouth, throat or tongue that may restrict breathing
  • Nausea or stomach cramps
  • Chest pains                                                                                           It should be noted that allergy stings can develop at any time. People stung in two or more occasions in the previous years are most likely to develop allergies as a result of bee stings.Moreso those who suffer from other allergies like dust are at a higher risk of developing sting allergies.                                                              STEPS TO GETTING RID OF BEES                                                       In order to get rid one needs to do several things.
  • First one should ascertain if they are dealing with bees or just any other insect. This is because people tend to mistake other stinging insects like wasps with bees. This should be done with a lot of care.
  • Secondly one should ascertain the type of infestation. For instance they should know if it’s a swarm of bees or if the bees have made a hive.
  • After ascertaining the type of infestation, one should then take an objective of calling a professional to remove the bee hives or the bee swarms. This is because it may be very fatal to remove large amounts of bees by yourself.
  • An image of a bee
    An image of a bee



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