Balcony gardens for our ‘concrete’ cities

Modernity brings in its wake rise in concrete jungles. Apartments, homes, highways and office blocks eat away into our green spaces. With time, our play space even for kids in the estates has been taken over by shops or a parking lot. For those living in apartments, the only sense of owning the outdoor may be the balcony. The idea of greening this up results in  balcony gardens.

This balcony garden combines grass, wood casement pots and ceramic pots for a simple but elegant look

Luckily, throwing in a few plants and design ideas may make you a small paradise of your home. Balcony gardens are slowly catching on and the ideas are limitless. In co-operation of some hardscapes and plants can create outstanding results. Miniature fountains, ceramic pots, small grassy patches, gravel and ‘mazeras’ slabs are just but a few features you can throw in.

To help you start off your balcony garden, here’s a few tips;

  • Using high quality soil mix or enriched planting media helps boost your plants development
  • Cluster your plants for ease of watering them
  • Place your plants with size, light demand in question e.g. Taller ones at the back and the higher the light demand the closer it should be to sun path
  • Herbs are the best choice for an edible balcony garden collection. Most grow to manageable size
  • Vines and quick growers are ideal for small spaces as the ascent verticality making illusion of bigger space
  • Fruits like strawberry, blueberry’s and passion can do well here

Go ahead, try it yourself. You may find this is what your home or office has been missing.



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